Professional and Vocational Law Training....

In 2006, after a long time in practice and mainstream education, we realised; there was an unmet need for professional and vocational courses and one that we could meet with our experience and knowledge in particular CILEx qualifications also that we could do ‘a better job’ than conventional educational organisations because we knew where they were going wrong!

We wanted to focus on the individual and in particular on that person’s educational needs with a view to providing them with the best tools to achieve their goal.

Mainstream colleges need to ‘get their numbers’ and ‘get people through the door’ and achievement and satisfaction with their chosen course only make up a small part of the picture.

From the start we were and still are small and we relish that. It allows us to do what we set out to do from the start and to focus on the individual.


















Because are not a college this allows us to operate differently and we’re proud of that. Here’s why:

  • We deliver courses in an ‘alternative’ way that takes account of clients’ other responsibilities, whether they be work or domestic

  • All regular classes are in the evening. Some places run programmes throughout the day and it’s difficult to get time off work

  • Occasional Saturday morning workshops fit in well with other commitments

  • For level 3 CILEx programmes attendance is one night a week

  • For level 6 CILEx programmes attendance is once every three weeks

  • We believe in course being learner led and try wherever possible to tailor courses to meet the individual client needs. We can:

  • Often devise and offer a programme that compliments the areas that a client ‘practices’ in

  • Offer ‘extra’ units where required

  • Devise a 1:2:1 programme to fit in with client availability

  • We don’t have the same restrictions as colleges/other educational establishments in that:

  • We work all year round and some of our courses run throughout the summer

  • Timetabling is very flexible and are not set in stone in the way that you’d normally encounter. Classes can be moved if necessary, for example if 50% or more cannot make a particular session, it will be rearranged.


Treat every client/potential client as an individual. We value people who are investing or giving consideration to investing their time and money into a course of study. We do this by:

  • Always responding to enquiries/issues as quickly as possible whether this is by text, email or telephone. If none of these are appropriate, the individual will be invited into the office

  • Having a period of time at the end of each teaching session where the tutor is available to address individual concerns

  • Always offer new clients an initial no obligation meeting prior to enrolment so they get to know us and decide if PVLT is for them

  • Small classes to enable the tutor to provide any support where required

  • 1:2:1 tutorials can be arranged (charge made)

  • Each new client will undergo an induction at the beginning of their course

  • Advice is always available about study skills, revision and exam technique so that:

  • The client develops time management and organisation skills

  • They become comfortable with methods that may be new to them e.g. mind mapping

  • They can apply a ‘technique’ in the examination which gives them confidence and gives them the best possible chance of success

  • We care about our clients by trying to ensure that you have not only a great learning experience but one that is professional, happy and even fun!