Reasons to choose Professional and Vocational Law Training as your provider

It’s Summer the time of sunshine (well occasionally) and holidays! However, the new academic year is not that far away and you may have been thinking about embarking upon a CILEx course or the way forward for continuing with your studies.

We offer both Levels 3 and 6 of the CILEx professional qualification and have been doing for the last 13 years so without boasting we believe we are very experienced and very good at what we do. So what can we offer you that is different from other providers?

  1. We are a small private provider so class numbers are also small allowing us to provide you with maximum support on your study journey whether you are starting or continuing

  2. We are learner led. We listen to what it is that you want and wherever possible we deliver. For example, you may need a specific unit that isn’t being delivered in a conventional class. We can discuss this and try to accommodate you where possible

  3. We are flexible in the way we deliver – daytime, evenings and weekends

  4. As well as support in the classroom, this is available pretty much all the time, within reason of course. If you text or e-mail us we aim to get back to you as soon as possible even if it’s just to acknowledge you’ve been in touch with further contact being made later

  5. We are not just CILEx specialists but we aim to have subject specialists teaching areas of law/practice that they are experienced in

  6. We always like to meet with you before you make a decision to enrol. We want you to be sure that PVLT is the right place for you.

  7. We offer excellent value for money and for the service that we provide to our learners. We can discuss various payment plans to meet your budget

  8. Our service is personal and we know all of our learners individually. You’ll always have a specific point of contact beginning with Debbie Feenan who is the Principal

If you are interested in a CILEx course and would like to discuss your requirements further please don’t hesitate to email or to telephone 07776433106

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