Why You Need a Study Buddy

It doesn’t matter what mode of study you’ve opted for to complete your CILEx exams, a study buddy can only benefit you and here are 10 reasons why!

  1. As the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ and believe it or not having a study can actually make the learning process easier

  2. You can learn valuable study habits from other people and pick up on ‘good practice’

  3. You can listen and discuss problematic areas with your study buddy

  4. By sharing the information and concepts that you already have with a study buddy this in turn helps reinforce your learning

  5. You can compare notes to clarify information and fill in any gaps

  6. You might be reluctant or not confident enough to ask a question in class or even on a chat or forum area – having an individual study buddy who you can message or email gets round this problem

  7. Your study buddy may understand something you don’t – it maybe their practice area but not yours. They may suggest ideas you hadn’t considered. This would particularly be relevant where you are doing CILEx case study preparation.

  8. A study buddy can pick you up and motivate you if you are feeling a bit down about your studies

  9. You can share your strengths with each other. This could be in a number of areas whether it be subject specific, revision technique or exam technique

  10. Always remember that when choosing a study buddy it’s important for you both to take equal responsibility and it should be someone who complements you and your skills. That way you will both get the maximum benefit from the relationship.

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