Tips to pass Level 6 CILEx

We are often asked by students for ‘tips’ and information to help them pass CILEx Level 6 Law Papers and it seemed an appropriate time to share this article with you as examinations are not far away!

  • You will begin with 15 minutes reading time. The writing time is then 3 hours.

  • In CILEx Level 6 law papers you will be required to answer four questions. At least one must come from Section A (essay questions) and at least one from Section B (problem/scenario type questions).

  • Use your reading time wisely. Jot down key words and bullet points on the question paper or in the answer book. DO NOT start writing an answer during this time.

  • The best answers are planned and it is usually obvious to an examiner by the structure of an answer that you have planned it out.

  • Make sure you answer the question that you are being asked.

  • Don’t spend longer than 45 minutes on each question however amazing you think your answer is! It is virtually impossible to obtain the full marks.

  • As an approximation, the first 12 marks that you gain for each question will be for the law that you set down. The remaining 13 will be obtained for application in problem type questions and analysis/criticism in essay type questions.

  • Always begin an answer by identifying the area that you are going to be dealing with in your answer. E.g. Maria’s situation concerns the law of nullity, in particular void and voidable marriages……………

  • In essay questions, it is useful to begin by rewording the question. This will often give you a good basis for what it is about.

  • Answer the question that you feel most confident on first.

  • Always build 10 minutes into your timing to read through your paper at the end and to check for any mistakes.

  • Case names and dates are important for CILEX Level 6. However don’t panic if you forget something.

  • There are only two sets of circumstances when you set out the facts of a case. These are i) when the actual question (essay type) refers to a case or ii) where you have forgotten the name

  • The general rule to follow for recital of cases is NAME. DATE, PRINCIPLE

  • Initially legislation must be referred to in full in a question e.g. Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (as amended). This should be followed by the abbreviation in brackets (MCA 1973). Thereafter, you can use the abbreviation in that question.

  • Don’t make lists and don’t bullet point questions. This is a CILEX Level 6 paper!

  • However, if you run out of time, it is acceptable to jot down a few pointers at the end of your script. This may earn you a few extra marks. DON’T write the examiner a sob story though.

  • Don’t do a post mortem with the rest of the group when you come out of the examination. Whilst you worry about what you didn’t put into your answer, you’ll lose sight of what you actually did.

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